LimeSDR interface to SVXlink using GNUradio

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Interface SVXlink to LimeSDR.

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Inspired from the setup of the Spotnik made by F5NLG and the Reflector technique from SVXlink and the French reflector network hereby the description of the experimental interface between SVXlink and LimeSDR tranceiver using GNUradio. The GNUradio flowchart was made with examples from OZ9AEC (NBFM TX/RX) and Michael DK5HH. SVXlink have UDP input and output possibilities and these are used to input/output to GNUradio blocks. The LimeSDR used in my setup is the LimeSDR mini (only 1 TX and 1 RX channel). Setup I use is RX on 430.540 Mhz and TX is on 438.775 Mhz. I use a Wouxun transceiver ( dual band ) to communicate. TX is set to 430.540 and receive is set to 438.775. (Simplex frequencies also possible)

SVXlink TX audio is send to UDP Source and modulated in NBFM to the Osmocom block for the LimeSDR and audio is transmitted on 438.775.

SVXlink RX audio is feed from UDP sink received from the Osmocom receiver block on 430.540 Mhz and converted with NBFM receiver.

SVXLink.conf RX1 can be setup as AUDIO_DEV=udp:

SVXLink.conf TX1 can be setup as AUDIO_DEV=udp:

SVXlink audio interface op 16Khz

GNUradio block parameters are adjusted for this specific setup and are depending on antenne setup/distance from Portofoon and LimeSDR. These paramaters most likely need adjustments. Computer used with this setup is UDOO X86 Advanced Plus (50% CPU load) with Ubuntu 16 using GNUradio 3.7.12.

Update now setup is used with Raspberry PI 2. See thumbnail picture how it looks like.

Information how to build and use latest released SDR stack from source : Building a full SDR stack from source for LimeSDR

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