Portsdown4 Node-red interface

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Portsdown4 Node-red interface

Info @ pe2jko@pg540.org

Hardware Equipment used :

  • Raspberry PI4

Software used :

  • Raspberry PI OS with Desktop and recommended Software
  • Installed remote desktop "xrdp" on RPI
  • Portsdown4 Software from Github [[1]]

In the OS by default Node-Red is included, I only added the [UI Buttons]

Portsdown4 configuration and settings normally are done via Touchscreen. Portsdown4 have many settings and currently I only need few main settings, this I added to a small dashboard. The setup is simple, first I create a set of "default" config parameters in the flow. Then at same time I read /home/pi/rpidatv/scripts/portsdown_config.txt and each line will be split and feed to the correct UI interface. When there is a change of 1 of parameters I write the full set of flow parameters back to same file. ( /home/pi/rpidatv/scripts/portsdown_config.txt ). I added few extra buttons to restart Portsdown4 or Shutdown the PI. I haven't added all touchscreen buttons and options, only the ones currently needed are in.

So in few steps :

  • Install OS
  • Install rdpx (optional)
  • Install Portsdown4
  • Setup Portsdown4 with your settings like call
  • Check if it works
  • Enable Node-Red to start when booting
  • Add Node-red UI Buttons
  • Import the Flow
  • Open the Webpage of the UI

In case more settings are required please let me know.


The FLOW, if you need the json, let me know.